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Mercedes @ Mille Miglia

We’re doing this at some point. But first, the watch.

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Craft Cocktail Ingredient Subscription Box!!!.

So we’ve just discovered this box called CraftKrate, for craft cocktail ingredients and excited for the launch is a bit of an understatement…

Leopards + Lions Bitters.


With the cocktail revolution in full force, it makes sense that a line of artisanal bitters would pop up. Hand-manufactured in - where else? - Brooklyn, Leopards + Lions is leagues ahead of the rest of the Angostura-imitators. Why? Because with a product like bitters it all comes down to…


A beautiful 550 spyder !

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School’s In Session #PSDS #PORSCHE #SchoolBus (at Porsche Sport Driving School)

Oh Snap. Birthday present this year?


One of the rarest American whiskeys. Yum.

Too bad about that ticket. Great car though.